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Attendee Guidance

Sign Up for Conference
As a registered attendee of ICOIN 2024, you should have already registered at Registration Page and got a valid ID by completing the registration.
Now you need to go to the online conference website (TBA) and sign up for an account.

Install Zoom
If you have not yet, install Zoom (

  During Conference
Enter Zoom Meeting
To enter the Zoom meeting for the session, where your paper will be presented, go to online conference website (TBA) and the day and the session on the online conference website, and click the "Join Session" button.

Create your Zoom “Badge”
When in Zoom, click Participants at the bottom (if using Desktop Zoom)

In the Participants pane, hover over your name and click “More”
Click “Rename”
Enter: [Your Name]

  During Your Session
Turn on Your Video
It is strongly recommended that you turn on your video in Zoom during the session.

Please unmute your microphone while answering questions.

Ask Questions
At any time during the session, you may ask questions during each talk by typing into the Zoom chat window at any time. After the talk concludes, the session chair will be selecting the questions to be answered by the speaker of the talk. At the end of each talk in the session, there will be a Q&A period, when you can feel free to ask questions, either by typing them in the chat window or by unmuting your microphone and speaking directly. If you have any questions to the volunteers, please use the Zoom chat window.

Enjoy the Conference!
Thank you for attending the first virtual ICOIN!