Virtual Conference Guidance for Authors(On-Site)
Preparation Guideline for Oral Session (Oral Session, Workshop Session only):
Duration of the Presentation

The normal allotted time for each speaker depends upon the number of paper in your session (e.g., for 100 minute session with 5~6(max.) papers, 17 minutes (for 5 papers) to present and 3 minutes for Q&A, 13 minutes (for 6 papers) to present and 3 minutes for Q&A in the Oral Session 3: IoT, Oral Session 5: Security).

Equipment in Presentation Room

Each presentation room will have the beam projector and laptop computer running PowerPoint under MS Windows, equipped with USB port.

Preparation for Your Presentation Session

Bring a USB memory with your PowerPoint presentation and make sure that your file is copied on the laptop computer in the session room. Please arrive at the presentation room 15 minutes before the actual session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair. Be prepared to give some bibliographic details about yourself to the chairperson so that he/she can introduce you before your presentation

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